Why Cloud ?

The growing coronavirus crisis has been a test like no other as millions around the world strive to remain productive and fight boredom. As a result, public cloud has enabled video conferencing, remote project collaboration, e-commerce, education, gaming and streaming video companies to meet spectacular and unplanned demand in a way that would have been impossible a decade ago.

Although many businesses already adopted cloud in a way or another, this crisis have given them no choice but to shift their infrastructure and operations to the cloud and to find the right solutions that enable rapid, secure and consistent deployment of application environments to enable the massive shift of remote working.

As the entire world converts personal interactions to virtual ones, public cloud computing has become the hero.

Who will attend Cloud Computing DigiConnect?

12 to 30 senior management members with the below job titles from the top 60 government entities and large enterprises in the Middle East.

Benefits of Attending

Our Commitment

Great Minds will work with your organisation to ensure that the company is positioned as the thought leader and expert in the topic of discussion.

Great Minds guarantees the agreed number of attendees to the boardroom meeting.

Great Minds provides a money back guarantee to the company should we fail to deliver the promised number of participants. We will refund the paid sponsorship amount to the company on a pro-rata basis.

Great Minds database and the company’s data shall be used to identify and pre-qualify the boardroom attendees.

The company will have the right to comment on the invitation process and can choose to invite participants from their side.

Great Minds will keep the company informed on the developments and progress of the research and attendee acquisition.

Great Minds will manage all the activities of the boardroom..

Great Minds will furnish a list of registered attendees 3 days before the boardroom.

A full list of the people that attended the boardrooms will be submitted to the company with company details 3 days after the event.

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Online shopping – Warehousing and inventory management


Online shopping – Delivery and return management


Cyber Security


Digital Banking


Contract Management


Business Continuity & Crisis Management


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